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Whether you're a band, corporation, public figure running a campaign church or non profit, a PR firm or any business entity, you need regular video content for your social media and websites. Grainy, shaky cell phone clips only make you look unprofessional. The smart move is to allow Mr Instrumentalist to take care of your video needs. Whether it's a weekly update, a campaign, a promotional video showcasing your talents, corporate luncheon or a special event, as you can see from above videos your web, social media or television videos will show your professionalism and they won't break the bank.

Your social media and websites need a constant supply of fresh, compelling video to keep visitors coming back, sharing and talking about your brand.Video marketing is now easy and affordable thanks to MIM Film and video. One overpriced "about me" video sitting on your website all year becomes old and tired. The smart way to keep your sites interesting is to work with Mr Instrumentalist and create frequent, shorter cost effective video updates. All with the professional quality and expertise of your main man but without the cost and hassle of brining in a full production crew. In fact all the videos on this page were created entirely by Mr Instrumentalist.

Trailer for Bag Lady Diaries Unite to Stop Bullying: Casting for their upcoming PSA Out on the Town: Judge Steven  Kirkland for 113 th Civil District Court Chymistry Lounge commercial by Mr Instrumentalist TV commercial for Connect Fellowship Church Walking towards Literacy Kickoff Event Red Cat TV episode one  Theresa Grayson Tiffany 1 Wendy Davis and Stand with Texas Women in Houston, Texas Commercial for Roy W Smith Attorney at Law Out on the Town  with Superlady Loretta Williams Gurnell

Take a listen to my music and relax you mind, get energized, start or power through your day, do homework, meditate, celebrate some "me" time or spend time with that special someone. If my music does good things for you then you can say thanks by making a purchase by clicking one of the links.

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